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  • Wisdom: The Key Chacteristcs of Godly Wisdom (Ps Mike Taylor) 13th October 2019
    Mike starts our new series on wisdom, looking at 6 characteristics of Godly wisdom.
  • The Art of Getting On With Yourself - Paul Van Essen (October 6th pm) 6th October 2019
    Being 'Crowned with Glory and Honour'
  • Paul Van Essen (6th October) - The Art of Hope 6th October 2019
    The Art of Hope - Positive expectations of a good future
  • The first 3 Beatitudes - Ben Gough 29th September 2019
    Ben looks at how we apply 'blessed are the meek, the poor in spirit and the mourning' to our lives today.
  • Building on the right foundations - Ps Mike Taylor 23rd September 2019
    Pastor Mike Taylor brings a message about building on the right foundations and bringing God into every area of life. APOLOGIES FOR THE POOR AUDIO ON THIS PODCAST
  • Holy Spirit - Ps. Mike Taylor 23rd July 2019
    Have a listen to our latest podcast where Ps. Mike Taylor gives an eye opening message on the Holy Spirit.  ---
  • Heaven & Hell - Ben Gough 16th July 2019
    Ben brings an intriguing, eye opening message about Heaven and Hell and gives a scripture-backed study on the thoughts behind these often stereotyped topics.
  • Faith - Ps. Mike Taylor 9th July 2019
    This week Ps. Mike Taylor gave an encouraging and challenging talk on "living by faith... but with wisdom!"
  • Creation - Rich Foster 2nd July 2019
    Have a listen to our very own Rich Foster talking about creation. Our world we live in is so small compared to the rest of the universe... Listen to how Rich puts us in perspective of the rest of the universe.
  • Being In Christ - Phil Gibson 25th June 2019
    Listen to this incredible message brought to us from Ps. Phil Gibson. He brings an intriguing, challenging message about how we should be living in Christ.
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