Lockdown has changed how we do many things, for all of us. As a team we are currently looking in to what worship will look like in the coming months (more on that soon). One change I’ve been challenged by, is the focus of our worship songs. Of course, we need to sing songs we can record in small, socially distanced settings, but we are also keen to sing songs that remind us of God’s promises, God’s provision and God’s power. This is, I think, especially true in the current season.

There are 2 songs we’ve added into our list, which really speak into God’s power (How Great Thou Art) and God’s provision (To the Cross I Cling). We’ll be recording these for Church at Home over the coming weeks – but I wanted to share their ‘original’ recordings here, so you can have a listen and enjoy these great songs!

We’ve also added these songs to our Spotify playlist (which you can listen to here.)

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