Series: New Year, Same Jesus

This month, we’re starting off the year with a series of messages titled ‘New Year, Same Jesus’ – as we look at how Jesus is an unchanging rock we can put our trust in, year after year, week after week, day after day.

Ben Gough (27th January 2020)
Ben concludes our series talking about how we should befriend the ‘ungodly’, the people in our daily lives – just as Jesus did, rather than going straight in with a tract or condemnation!

Mike Taylor (12th January 2020)
Mike continues our series talking about God of the middle – that God knows the start, middle and completion of our plans and dreams and will get us to the end, even when there’s pain and uncertainty in ‘the middle’. We can help each other out too as a family.

Phil Gibson (5th January 2020)
Phil starts our series with a message titled, ‘Unpacking the good news for everyday life’. Who did we listen to most in 2019? The answer might surprise you… but it’s yourself – and we need to remind ourselves every day that Jesus is the good news in our lives.

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